Why come to the UK?

The English NHS is one of the leading health systems in the world and the UK is at the forefront of medical research and clinical innovation. This programme gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience medical practice in another country and build valuable expertise and knowledge in a variety of different specialties.


This programme will allow you the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the UK National Health Service. The NHS is a prestigious global brand that is respected across the world and you will experience first-hand how medicine is practiced in the UK and take away countless valuable experiences. This experience will help you to develop your global health knowledge and provide you with new experiences and innovative ways of working to share on your return to the States. You may also find that you have greater ability to relate to patients from different cultures and backgrounds which is an asset highly prized by employers.


One of the key goals for this programme is to support the ongoing development of Physician Associates trained here in the UK. This programme will help to demonstrate the significant impact Physician Associates can have in the delivery of effective and high quality healthcare which will lead to increased demand for PAs in England. This will give you a fantastic opportunity to take on a mentorship role. Increasing numbers of UK trained PAs will enter the workforce and you will have an immeasurable impact by sharing your valuable experiences and skills to help develop the future PA workforce in England.


Another key aspect of this programme is the establishment of the PA role in England and the NHS. For this reason you will have an excellent opportunity to develop your leadership skills as you become an ambassador for the PA role, demonstrating PAs effectiveness to other healthcare professionals and to members of the public.

Help develop the profession

This programme will offer you the unique opportunity to play a leading role in shaping the development of the PA profession in England.

Live abroad

Living and working in another country is always an adventure. Living in England also means that you can experience life on a different continent whilst at the same time progressing and enhancing your medical career. England also has rich culture stretching back thousands of years, a strong growing economy, one of the best education systems in the world and of course a world leading national health service.


Working in another healthcare system will enable you to foster professional relationships at all levels. In today’s global healthcare economy connections, networks and experiences are a vital asset. This experience will allow you the opportunity to collaborate with international colleagues, share ideas and information and make connections which will all help you to succeed in your future career. We will recruit 200 PAs from the US to deploy in small groups in four locations around England. This will provide you with the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a group of other US PAs all of whom will be returning to the US at the conclusion of the programme. You will be able to build friendships and professional connections among this group of like-minded and talented Physician Assistants.

Paid vacations

Working in the NHS you will receive 33 days of paid vacation leave every year which you are free to use when it suits you best, this is in addition to the 8 public bank holiday days which do not count towards your vacation entitlement. This means that you will have ample time to explore the rest of the UK where there are many fascinating and historic sites and exciting cities and towns. The UK is also perfectly placed for taking trips short trips overseas to other countries. You can reach most European destinations in just a few hours from London which makes the UK a fantastic travel hub from which to explore Europe and even further afield.

Teaching and learning

The UK has some of the best healthcare training in the world, each year the NHS spends around £5 billion on healthcare training. Not only will you have the opportunities to experience teaching and training provided in another healthcare system you will also be able to gain experience in the formal teaching of fellow PAs, other health professionals and PA students.